I'm curious, what do I need to know? Can I enter?

During the first UChicago Cognitive Computing Challenge, nine entries came from several departments and schools: Stats, Music Theory and History, University of Chicago Medicine, English Language and Literature, Harris School of Public Policy, Masters Program in Computer Science, and Chicago Booth. Such problems and issues put forth included:

  • Even out the validity and accuracy in lab test evaluations.
  • Define and then compose on the fly pleasing musical compositions for individual users.
  • Improve end of life care by identifying patient preferences in their EMR and other clinical records data
  • Assess cover letters based on the tone one is attempting to convey
  • Tailor travel opportunities and locales to the individual traveller based on personal past experience and preferences
  • Predict fashion trends as a means to improve cost and production efficiencies and reduce overall waste

You should consider entering this competition if -- based on your current research, interests, or expertise -- you can:

  1. Describe a scenario in which someone can ask a question or series of questions; or provide information that can be construed as question.
  2. Explain how people currently get answers to these questions (i.e. from a human expert or a dataset).
  3. And the answer to these questions is human-intelligible (seeing, hearing, talking, tasting, feeling) so that a person can say "that's right!" or "that's wrong!"

No programming or computer science experience necessary.  UChicago and Chicago Medicine students, faculty, and staff are eligible -- with a few exceptions.  If you're passionate about something in your research or day-to-day life, consider entering here.   


1.  Every entry submitted is eligible for consideration for a Spring 2016 Practicum in conjunction with the UChicago Masters Program in Computer Science.  If your entry is chosen, your idea will become part of a 10-week project with a student programmer and Cognitive Computing subject matter expert.

2. One lucky entry will receive $1000.  Pretty good for 30 minutes worth of work!