Practicum Orientation


  1. Quick introduction
  2. Run down of practicum requirements
  3. Discussion of your situation

Run down of practicum requirements


  • Cornelia = official advisor, responsible for giving feedback on student performance and adjusting project scope as necessary.  Will submit the practicum description here:
  • Frank/Armen = Watson subject matter expert.  He'll be the "glue" between the student and their development of Watson.  Liasion to IBM.

  • You = subject matter expert, responsible for periodically giving feedback to student work, and giving us feedback on their performance.

    • Available to evaluate applicants and interview them?  (Weeks 7, Winter)

    • Available to meet weekly in Spring? Students would work 10 hours a week on your project.  I'd recommend an on-site check in once a week until it's established that things are going well enough to handle remotely.

    • Available to train Watson.

    • Flexibility: The scope may change, depending on what we run into and the needs of the student.  Our plan is to have a series of use cases for your idea.


Your situation, and how it might lend itself to use cases for the practicum.


  1. Role switch: Senior content folks
  2. List of candidates from board of elections website.
  3. Basic info of those people, validating website, party? incumbent?
  4. Pull in additional sources for quotes on candidates (e.g. questionnaires).  What do you google?
  5. Role switch: Goes to junior volunteer/mechanical turk
  6. Start filling out standard pieces of the candidate profile (Bio, Stances, etc.)  (
  7. Issue stances, rough guide (Does knowing this piece of information help you to vote for them?  Eliminate platitudes.)  (
  8. Endorsements tagging via issue tree (40-50 node tree)
  9. Role switch: Senior content folks
  10. Using style guide, eliminate first person, resume style bullet points. Keep language from original source. 
  11. Verified that tagged correctly, sometimes undertagged.  Sometimes new tags.
  12. Discernment of issues that are regional to a ballot.  (Homeschooling, Uranium, etc.)

Email to; with your information and if possible, preferences on what to automate first if there's a technical tie.